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Dog Poo...Please Pick Up!

You may have noticed that there is a lot of poop showing up in the common areas and around the ponds.  If your dog poops, please pick it up.  Thank you!

Free Newspaper Delivery Questions

Several homeowners have asked about how to stop the delivery of the free newspapers that come to our neighborhood and if it's possible for the HOA to request that they not be delivered to our neighborhoods. It is our understanding that each individual homeowner must call and request delivery to stop. They will not honor a request by the HOA to stop delivery for the entire neighborhood. Information to contact each paper is located in the publication. If you don't want to receive these, we encourage you to contact them to request non-delivery for your home. Thank you!


The Pool Board is asking for your HELP!

The 2019 swim season once again saw a number of incidents of vandalism take place.  These incidents resulted in many costly repairs having to be completed, including repairs to the fence at the Fairways and replacement of the liner at the Legends.  The new playset at the Meadows was damaged in September due to people riding skateboards down the slide. Repairs will take considerable time while parts are ordered and shipped from China.


Buoy ropes have been damaged from swimmers sitting and pulling on ropes.

Reports of gates being propped open, which damages spring and allows non-members access to pool.

Reports of children under the age of 16 being at all pools without parent or guardian supervision.

Kids climbing over fence at Fairways pool during the daytime.

Trespassing by members and non-members in pools after 10:00PM.


Copy of complete pool rules is listed on website:

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian.(18yrs+) No Glass and No Alcohol are allowed in pool area. (Even if pool is reserved for private parties) No Smoking in the pool area.

No pets, bikes or skateboards allowed in pool area.

Do Not wear swimming suits or bring toys that have not been washed after use at lakes and ponds.

Gates must remain closed and latched at all times. DO NOT prop open gates.

Do Not let anyone in gates without their pool card. Pools Close and GATES LOCK at 10:00PM Do Not let anyone borrow or allow your children to use the pool card without parent supervision. Member is responsible for reimbursement of cost for all damages by anyone using their badge card.

These are your facilities, please help us monitor and stop the rules violations and vandalism. Every member pays for the damages to the pools, clubhouses and playground, no matter who caused the damage. The dues you pay must be spent on repairs instead of improvements.

If you witness people at pools after hours or any vandalism – CALL 911.

If you witness rules violations or vandalism, please forward the date, time, names and if possible photos of people and vehicle to HOA Management. The association will identify and disable badge cards of violation offenders and will prosecute all vandalism.

HOA Management M-F, 9-5:00pm - Phone# 351-7650. Emergency After Hours - Phone# 316-573-8676.

Vandalism at the Pools

As you know, we all belong to a separate HOA (Auburn Hills Swimming Facility Master Assoc.) that manages the four swimming pools (Enclave, Fairways, Legends and Meadows), and the two clubhouses (Meadows and Legends). Unfortunately we have been experiencing quite a bit of vandalism at the pools. On 7/9/15 - Someone threw large clods of dirt in to the pool at the Fairways and smeared mud over two of the walls of the bathhouse. Also on 7/9/15 - someone put what appears to be firecrackers in the toilet of the Meadow's pool restroom and basically blew up the toilet causing water from the toilet to run everywhere, etc. I believe the restroom is still "out of order" while the toilet, etc., gets repaired. This does not include the regular "damage" the pools receive when people cut or pick at the liners (very costly), damage the pool ropes, etc. The pool association works very hard to keep costs down and so when vandalism occurs it hurts all of us as homeowners. OUR DUES PAY FOR THE UPKEEP on these 4 pools, clubhouses, basketball goals, landscaping, ponds, playgrounds, etc. Sadly it appears a few bad apples are spoiling the bunch so we need your help! If you see anyone doing anything destructive please report it to HOA Management immediately and/or call 911. The pool association does have a method of determining who's in the pool so noting the date and time you see something is very important. Also you could snap a picture of the "alleged suspects" and we can post them on this page as an attempt to locate them. Please pass this information along to your neighbors so we can all be on the lookout. Thank you!

P.S. Both the Legends and Meadows pools have been down this past week due to a chemical imbalance. I believe they might be back open today if all checks out. Unfortunately lots of swimmers, plus rain/humidity makes chemical management a bit challenging. Our pools are checked/cleaned, etc. every morning and chemicals are adjusted accordingly to help avoid this. We have also heard rumors that folks have dumped green kool-aid and/or pond water in the pools as well?? This is not confirmed and we are really hoping it's not the case.

City of Wichita Proposed Flood Zones

Here is a link to the city of Wichita's proposed flood zones.  There is a small corner of the neighborhood impacted with some changes.


Golf Carts - A Note from the Wichita Police Department

Please be advised that the Wichita Police Department is receiving an increasing number of complaints regarding golf carts on city streets...there have been several complaints coming out of the Auburn Hills communities. Please be advised that driving a golf cart on the city streets is illegal unless it is properly tagged, insured and driven by a licensed driver. Due to complaints, the Police Department will likely be issuing citations to offenders.

New Homeowner Welcome Letter

Please check out our new homeowner welcome letter here.

Empty Lots and Grass Clippings

J. Russell has asked that homeowners not dump their grass clippings in the empty lots in large piles. It makes it very difficult for his crew to mow. Thank you

New HOA Covenant - Trash Receptacle Placement

A new HOA covenant regarding the storage of trash receptacles was passed during March's bi-annual homeowners' meeting.  To view the new covenant please click here.

DRC Architectural Change Form

Please use this form to submit any changes to your property to the DRC Committee. Please be advised that it takes 45 days for the Board to review, make their decision and to respond to requests.


New HOA Violation Procedure

Revised 10-01-2010

The HOA Board passes a new violation procedure.  See the policy here.

New HOA Trash Contract for November 2018 thru October 2023

The HOA has signed a new contract with Waste Connections. A copy of the contract is provided here.

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